API Integrations

Strategic Partnerships

Loop can seamlessly integrate with your CRM or ATS software.

We’ve integrated our system features with several of the major candidate relationship management and applicant tracking systems, including:

  • Text Messaging Platform
  • Career Site
  • Talent Community Features
  • Prescreening Processes
  • Application Processes
  • Referral Processes
Recruiter to Candidate text, Recruitment text messaging

Get in the Loop

Loop has an open API and integration infrastructure for ATS or CRM platforms.

Loop’s APIs expose methods for showing candidates and candidate interactions as well as methods for creating these interactions.

Our APIs allow you to pull candidate data, update our candidate record and create new interactions with a candidate.

Use our APIs to send broadcast or narrowcast messaging and receive the responses right back in your platform.

Our APIs live in the cloud and easily scale to handle high volumes of interactions.

Emerging Partner
with Workday

Leverage the immediacy of mobile with text messaging.

Loop is a proud member of the Emerging Partner program at Workday. Our private text messaging platform is now integrated and available for Workday users.

Click below to learn more about how Workday users can leverage the power of text messaging to optimize the candidate experience.


Intelligent Messaging Platform,

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