Loop Flow Messenger

Direct Recruiter to Candidate Text

Communicate updates and share job details in real time.

Text Directly with Job Candidates

Look up your candidates by name, email, or mobile phone number to start texting via Loop Flow Messenger app on your mobile device or launch text chats directly from your HRIS 

  • Schedule interviews
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Send links to jobs
  • Inform candidates of events
  • Request information, and
  • Much more!

Recruiters are notified when a candidate sends them a message and can open multiple chat windows inside the CRM to manage their conversation.

textingwith phone
text-messaging, Recruiter to Candidate text

Send Featured Jobs

Your featured roles will be available for you to search and select to send directly to your prospects via Loop Flow Messenger. A unique link in the text message will drive your potential candidate to the existing career site to review the job description and apply.

Compliant, Direct and Secure

A candidate driven consent process allows for candidates to choose their communication preferences and are given an option to opt-out of messaging. Your candidates are also provided access to a secure form where communication preferences can be controlled.

consent management, Recruiter to Candidate text

Integrated with Your Platforms

Chrome and Edge extensions are now available. Get direct recruiter to candidate messaging with candidates from your system of record.

Talent Relationship Management,

SIMPLIFIED. Are you in the Loop?