Loop Flow Consent Manager

Compliance is Key.

Reliable, Compliant, Secure.

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Let Loop Flow Consent Manager do the work for you. 

Recruiting and communications processes and practices vary region to region, and it’s imperative that you meet today’s regulatory requirements. Loop Flow’s Consent Manager makes this possible with a fully compliant consent management process you can bolt on to your existing HRIS.

Consent Manager for Candidates and Employees

You can leverage Loop Flow’s automated text messaging features, as well as Loop Flow Messenger with a simple consent gathering process. Loop Flow’s Consent Manager gathers the cell phone number of your candidate or employee while maintaining an audited record of their consent.


Secure Consent Management Page for Contacts

Provide your contacts secure access to a messaging consent management page.
Here the candidate and/or employee can manage the channels through which they would like to communicate with you.

Intelligent Messaging Platform,

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