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Employee Onboarding

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Loop's easy-to-use onboarding software solutions help HR managers improve the new employee onboarding experience and shrink cost-per-hire.  

Create exceptional onboarding experiences that maintain meaningful connections with your new employees. Our software is the leading global recruitment and marketing solution for organizations looking to leverage their brand.   

Loop’s Onboarding Solutions allow organizations to leverage the use of automated messaging systems to notify employees of important announcements like benefit enrollment requirements and start dates.  

  • Make onboarding easier with integrations into your current HRIS and hooks that flow into automated triggers.  
  • Send drip campaigns to new employees and job candidates with our campaign manager module. 

Deliver exceptional onboarding

Trust your employee onboarding process to the organization charged with streamlining your recruitment and CRM platform. At Loop, our online solutions can help your hiring teams maximize candidates you receive and provide a seamless experience once your candidate has accepted a new role.  

Partner with Loop to:  

  • Improve HR productivity  
  • Accelerate new hires’ time to productivity  
  • Create positive, unforgettable first-day experiences 

Learn more about our employee onboarding software and how Loop can improve compliance, clarify systems and processes, and integrate your new hire into your organization’s current culture.


Consent Manager

Compliance is key. Recruiting and communications processes and practices must meet today’s regulatory requirements (e.g., GDPR) on a region-by-region basis.

Loop makes this possible with a fully compliant consent management process that can be configured to meet your business requirements.


Schedule automated text messages to remind employees of key dates like open enrollment, onboarding deadlines, and employee reviews.  Automated reminders 24 hour and day-of text and allow your employees to communicate last-minute details like if they’re running late or need to reschedule.

Recruitment text messaging


Create instant connections. People are five times more likely to read text messages than emails. Make messaging a core part of your overall employee communications strategy with Loop Flow’s Messenger app.

Connect with employees on their mobile phones. Easily record all chats in the Loop CRM for compliance and historical record-keeping. Download the Chrome extension for seamless integration on your browser.

Campaign Manager

Reach an employee population with one-click.

Have an event coming up? Want to promote a new benefits package or referral program?

Select multiple records or a pool of employees to which you would like to broadcast, or narrow-cast, your message.

Select for a series of pre-configured templates or craft your own messaging.

Personalize the message by pulling in employee-specific data using merge fields.

hiring campaign manager, email campaign

2-Way Messaging

Automate elements of your HR process.

With text messages being open and read 5x more than email, reach your employees with intuitive 2-way SMS flows to register interest, basic details and preferences.

Leverage intuitive messaging throughout all of your HR processes.

Intelligent Messaging Platform,

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