Employee Programs

Keep your team engaged

Engage, motivate, and train your teams.

Hiring Campaign Manager

Create captivating programs.

Loop Flow allows you to help avoid employee burnout and improve engagement by creating programs that your employees will participate in.

From recognition and rewards programs to professional development, reaching employees and candidates via email and text messages has never been easier. With real time reporting, you can modify programs to maximize their reach and effectiveness.

Engage your team with personalized emails and text messages

Create stunning HTML emails and engaging texts to your employees. Using fields from your HRIS, increase engagement with highly personalized messaging delivered to their desktop and mobile. Automate the communications to be sent over time.


  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Responsive design templates

Text Message

  • Long message support
  • Emoji support
hiring campaign manager, email campaign
hiring campaign manager

Optimize your communications and create consistency with your brand. 

Optimized to ensure the delivery of your branded communications across all device types, you can be sure that your communications always start off on the right foot.

Build your brand library of content to leverage in your messaging:

  • Logos
  • Images
  • Font Types
  • Color Palettes

Intelligent Messaging Platform,

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