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Make scheduling and rescheduling simple and easy.

Interview Scheduling, recruitment scheduling

Two-Way Scheduling

Let Loop be your hub for efficient scheduling. Eliminate back-and-forth emails with candidates, hiring managers, and employees. Automate the interview scheduling process to efficiently reach candidates, increasing your candidate pipeline and reducing your time-to-hire, with Loop’s streamlined self-scheduling solution:  

  • Flexible calendaring for hiring managers 
  • Optimize the candidate experience
  • Automate reminders for all stakeholders
  • Integrate with existing calendars  


Allow your employees and candidates the flexibility to create their own schedules by selecting their availability through Loop’s calendaring system.
Choose available times in just a few clicks.  Meetings and interviews are never double-booked, and reschedules are quick and easy.


Automate the entire scheduling process

Put your scheduling workflow on autopilot. The self-scheduling module sends everything from confirmation to reminder text messages to candidates, hiring managers, and employees. The Loop workflow supports notifications for:  

  • Meeting & interview requests  
  • Confirmations 
  • Reminders   
  • Rescheduling  
  • Cancellations 

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