Loop Flow

Shared Services

Add talented candidates across multiple teams.

Seamless shared access.

With Loop Works’ shared services platform, your hiring teams can simplify shared or segmented groups of candidates across multiple recruiting teams in your organization in a common center of excellence.

We understand the pain points of recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent, no matter the size of an organization. With our Shared Services solutions, your hiring teams can group together requisitions from managers within your ATS, allowing for shared access and streamlined business processes.

Work against hiring silos. Streamline hiring practices. Add talented candidates across multiple teams.

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Funnel candidate communications to one inbox.

Enable a shared messaging queue that lets your recruiting teams manage candidate communications.  Text message responses from candidates get sent into a shared service queue where your team can view, manage and respond.

Shared Services Queues can be organized by job type, location, requisition or a combination of data points.

Intelligent Messaging Platform,

SIMPLIFIED. Are you in the Loop?