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Making Things Easy With Text Messaging

Megan Colins / April 11, 2021
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How to Effectively Communicate With Employees

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Best Practices For Texting with Candidates

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Candidate Engagement Best Practices

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Candidate Engagement Best Practices

Did you know that, on average, the best candidates are on the market for just 10 days? However, it takes around 24 days to hire someone. This is just one of the reasons why it’s essential to keep candidates engaged throughout the duration of the hiring process and beyond. A company’s initial (and on-going) engagement…

How Recruitment is Changing During COVID-19
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4 Steps to Creating Captivating Campaigns for Candidates
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2020 Vision for Recruitment Marketing
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SMS Recruitment Strategy


Making Things Easy With Text Messaging

The hiring process is changing! It's an exciting time to experiment and try new methods to find the perfect talent for your company. Discovering which candidates fit well with your...

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Loop Introduces a Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat Feature, Loop Flow Messenger  Loop’s Private Text Messaging Platform, Loop Flow, Now Connects Recruiters to Candidates through an in-application Chat Function CHICAGO, Ill. – August 8, 2019 – Loop, a leading provider of recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management solutions, announced today the launch of a new recruiter-to-candidate chat feature,…

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Loop Introduces Loop Flow – a Private Text Messaging Platform to Drive Communication Efficiency in the Recruitment Process

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Loop’s Private Text Messaging Platform, Loop Flow, Connects Employers and Candidates through the power of Text Messaging. CHICAGO, Ill. –…

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Mobile recruitment is growing at an exponential rate. Candidates and employees expect to use mobile devices anywhere and anytime to…

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