How to Effectively Communicate With Employees

Communicating with employees is not always easy, but transparency is necessary in creating a healthy company culture. This is why it is so important to find the most effective way to communicate with your employees. Good employee communication will ensure management and workers are on the same page, help employees to feel valued, and make sure everyone is working toward a common goal. And, best of all, effective employee communication usually leaves you with workers who are happy and productive. Now that’s a win-win.


Here are some tips for effective employee communication:

  • Be Clear: Keep your communications simple, short, and clearly outline your expectations to your employees. 
  • Be Repetitive: People need to hear a message many times to understand and remember it well. Use different channels to communicate the message multiple times.
  • Be Upfront: Make sure you tell your employees any big news first, so they don’t hear it from the media. 
  • Be Regular: Be systematic with your communication, have regular dates for communicating whether it’s in person or electronically. Weekly meetings, even if only for 15 minutes, can have a significant impact on employee engagement.
  • Be Transparent: Facilitate two-way communication with face-to-face meetings, interactive video, employee surveys, etc. This is a great way to make sure your employees feel like they are valued and are being heard. 
  • Be Team-Focused: Get the team together for a short talk each day; this will help ensure everyone is on the same page and they are aware of any priorities. 
  • Be Future-Focussed: Hold development conversations with prospective employees so that they can see a future path within the company. This will push them to give their best and feel valued. 

At the moment, thanks to COVID-19, a lot of companies are dealing with a remote workforce, where previously they weren’t. This is new territory for a lot of managers and business owners, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Sure, there are new conferencing and text messaging platforms to get to know, but this where Loop comes in to help. 

Here’s How We Can Help:

It’s time to move beyond traditional employee communication boundaries to engage with your employees. Loop can help you stay connected with both your employees with our innovative, scalable text messaging solutions. The average read-time for text messages is just 5 seconds – and texts have a 98% open/read rate. With Loop, you can communicate immediately via our text messaging platform– en-masse or direct. 

For comprehensive communications needs, keep your employees in the loop with company updates, urgent notifications, enrollment deadlines, event information, newsletters, and more with:

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