General Hiring Trends (Part One)

Ever since the advent of the pandemic, the entire recruitment market has gone in for a spin. The hiring process that was a norm two years back is nowhere relevant right now. And the companies that are embracing the new phase are the ones at the top.  From adopting new strategies and technologies to deal…

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The Great Resignation – What You Need to Know

“The Great Resignation.” It’s all over the news. According to one estimate, since April 2021, nearly 33 million or a fifth of the total workforce have left their positions (Nevada Current). The reasons for this widespread resignation are complex; however, the effects of Covid-19 on all aspects of working conditions are certainly a good place…

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Why You’re Having a Hard Time Hiring

The statistics keep coming.  The ratio of job postings to job hires continues to diverge. Employers everywhere bemoan the lack of qualified or even interested candidates. But why?  As the pandemic recedes into an endemic, what makes now such a hard time to hire?     Covid Fatigue  As fatigued as the world is with Covid,…

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Mental Health and Working From Home During COVID-19


If you’re not used to it, working from home— for whatever reason— can eventually become a little lonely and even stressful. As the coronavirus began to spread across the globe we saw many, many businesses making the move towards remote working. While you might love staying in your comfy sweats all day and spending more…

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How Recruitment is Changing During COVID-19


With a global pandemic spreading across the world, undoubtedly these are difficult and uncertain times for all of us. As each industry is faced with its own set of challenges and setbacks, the recruitment space is no exception. In light of these changes, the hiring process has had to evolve and adapt to the COVID-19…

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