Why You’re Having a Hard Time Hiring

The statistics keep coming.  The ratio of job postings to job hires continues to diverge. Employers everywhere bemoan the lack of qualified or even interested candidates. But why?  As the pandemic recedes into an endemic, what makes now such a hard time to hire?  


Covid Fatigue 

As fatigued as the world is with Covid, it continues to be a factor in candidates’ decisions to change jobs or return to the workforce at all.  Workers express anxiety about workplace safety overall.  More and more workers want remote work; however, fully remote positions remain only a small fraction of available positions. In fact, 16% percent of job listings on LinkedIn are fully remote, but those listings receive two and a half times as many applications as non-remote work (Vox.com).   


Increased Obligations  

Workers are juggling outside of work obligations like never before. Though many workers want remote work, for others, the challenge of working from home without proper office space has been an ongoing concern. Add to the ineffective work conditions the additional responsibility of children at home due to unavailable childcare or remote learning, and many workers simply cannot meet the demands. Covid has accelerated the affordable/quality childcare crisis for many workers. 


A Focus on Better Benefits  

Workers are aware of their improved position and are focusing on those organizations who are willing and able to offer more. In fact, some studies suggest that workers are not leaving the workforce completely; they are making lateral moves within industries in pursuit of better benefits. The companies that are having an easier time hiring are doing so because they are able to offer higher salaries, flexible schedules, and even signing bonuses.   


Solutions for Attracting Top Talent  
  • Use job descriptions that emphasize your corporate culture. Let prospective candidates know that your company has benefits to offer when they first become a new employee and the opportunity to enjoy more benefits in the future.    


  • Examine your application process and simplify where possible. Here is where you can emphasize higher salary opportunities and signing bonuses. 


  • Recruiting recruiting recruiting. Continue to build a base of qualified applicants and regularly let them know of changes in the overall job market, as well as current opportunities.   


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