General Hiring Trends (Part One)

Ever since the advent of the pandemic, the entire recruitment market has gone in for a spin. The hiring process that was a norm two years back is nowhere relevant right now. And the companies that are embracing the new phase are the ones at the top. 

From adopting new strategies and technologies to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic, there’s a definite shift in the way companies are looking to find and hire talent in the post-COVID era. 

Let’s look at some of these hiring trends stealing the show in 2022. 


Remote Hiring Is Becoming a Routine 

One of the most critical trends in recruitment is not just the shift to remote work but also a shift to remote hiring. In 2020, we witnessed many recruiters go entirely virtual and hire Remotely for the first time ever. 

This trend is sustaining and growing, with companies quickly adopting remote hiring for various reasons — ranging from cost savings to maintain social distance. With this move, companies are now leveraging video conferencing technology for everything from interviews to onboarding. This is helping the recruitment team to shortlist candidates faster and save time on scheduling interviews.  

Due to its convenience and hassle-free nature, many recruiters and project managers have started preferring the virtual interview process. Also, remote interviewing makes it easy for the recruiters to get multiple people on the interview panel at the same time — no matter where they’re connected from.  


More Vacancies for Hybrid & Remote Work 

With more and more people preferring to work from home, companies need to hire remote talent. In fact, many employees prefer the flexibility of working on your own time and your place. According to the Global Talent Trends Report published by LinkedIn in 2022, employees are 2.6x times more likely to be happy and 2.1x more likely to recommend working for a company due to the company’s flexible working culture. 

Several companies that had traditional on-site workspaces are now considering hiring for a hybrid workforce — where some employees will work from home while others work from office. This means that there will be greater demand for remote workers and companies would need to adopt methods and tools to hire such talent. 


Social Media Talent Acquisition Is on the Rise 

Social media platforms have opened up vast networking opportunities not only for individuals but also for companies looking to hire the best talent from different companies and even countries.  

Since only 30% of the global workforce is actively searching for jobs, it can be hard for the recruiters to identify the skilled employees they need. This is why 91% of recruiters have been using social media to reach out to skilled talent, enticing them to join their organization for better pay and a better working environment. This has further opened up new opportunities to acquire new upcoming talent and increase the company’s value. 


Use of Advanced Virtual Recruitment Tools 

The hiring procedure for any company is a complicated process and has multiple steps to ensure the right candidate is selected. This process can take a lot of time and effort if not streamlined and organized properly.  

As more candidates apply for positions, it becomes harder to post through job boards, sort and manage applications and finally identify the right fit for a role. This is where the use of advanced recruitment tools are making a huge difference. 

Many companies have started using recruitment tools to bridge a specific talent gap in their organization and also for bulk recruiting. These tools help organizations to : 

  • Quickly send out job announcements about their vacancies through multiple job sites 
  • Send personalized emails and notifications to candidates about the vacancies 
  • Create an automated workflow to keep the candidates updated 
  • Schedule interviews and automate reminders 

… and for many more such recruiting tasks. 

Such tools are reducing a huge chunk of time that the recruiters would otherwise spend on manually sorting through hundreds of applications and responding to each and every one of them.  

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