How Recruitment is Changing During COVID-19

With a global pandemic spreading across the world, undoubtedly these are difficult and uncertain times for all of us. As each industry is faced with its own set of challenges and setbacks, the recruitment space is no exception. In light of these changes, the hiring process has had to evolve and adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak and has created several changes within this space. 

As most of us know, industries such as tourism and hospitality are taking the biggest hit, while some industries such as healthcare workers and certain retail sectors are essential. If you are still hiring during this time, chances are that you’ve noticed how certain processes have had to change drastically. From where you look for talent, to how you interview and onboard employees to the ways in which you communicate with candidates have all shifted. 

Five Ways To Adapt Your Hiring Process During COVID-19

To help you out, we share 5 ways in which companies and organizations will need to adjust their hiring process during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Up The Ante on Online Platforms

While many companies already source talented candidates via online platforms such as LinkedIn, social media channels, and job portals this phase of the process needs to continue and even escalate throughout COVID-19. Why not take your online hiring presence a step further and build your company’s own branded career site? This will help to increase awareness and interest from the right kind of talent.

2. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate 

Whatever your company’s current situation it’s crucial to keep the communication channels open during this time. Perhaps you’ve put all new hires on hold or frozen your recruitment efforts for the time being. Be sure to communicate this to people who may be interested in applying for a job or who might be in the middle of the interview process via phone calls, emails or better yet something like our text recruiting software. Being communicative and upfront with candidates will not only benefit them but show the considerate efforts of your company too. 

3. Use This Time to Work on Your Recruitment Campaign

If your company is experiencing some downtime, it might be worthwhile using this time to create a targeted campaign for future candidates. This is all about how recruiters and HR need to start thinking more like marketers—and become more strategic in the way they get candidates interested in your brand as an employer. Need help with creating a future campaign? From career sites to social media to the application process itself –Loop can ensure interactions are optimized across all device types and tailored candidate preferences. 

4. Make The Most of Digitized Interviews 

If your sector or company is still hiring during COVID-19, your candidates will have to be interviewed remotely. On a positive note, conducting a Zoom or Skype interview means you can have more department heads or team leaders listen in on the call than perhaps in an office or conference room environment. Plus, most candidates are likely to feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own familiar space, allowing for a more genuine and hopefully successful interview. 

5. Implement Successful Remote Onboarding 

If a candidate is hired during the pandemic, the onboarding process will also have to be virtual. As onboarding is quite personal and is designed to immerse the new hire into the culture of the business, this can be quite a tricky space. Some companies are using virtual reality technology to give candidates a tour of the offices and facilities during lockdowns. Throughout the onboarding process, we recommend supplying plenty of helpful and useful resources, and regular video conferencing with various departments to help form connectivity and bonding with fellow employees.

Need assistance with your recruitment efforts or need to make use of recruiting text messages during the coronavirus outbreak? We can help. Loop is the leading recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management software, helping organizations to improve engagement with candidates as well as make great hires.

To find out how a mobile recruitment platform such as Loop can help you recruit the best talent and move beyond traditional communication boundaries to engage with your employees during or after COVID-19, contact us today.


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