General Hiring Trends (Part Two)

We all know that hiring is time-consuming and expensive, so it’s important to make the right moves. While there is no magic formula for successful hiring, there are a few things we can do to adapt to the new trends to find the right candidate. 

In the previous blog, we discussed the changing landscape of recruitment — in the form of remote hiring, remote workforce and social media talent acquisition. And in this blog, we’ll dig deep into the specific trends shaping various stages of the recruitment process. 



The latest trend in the recruitment process is gamification, which is the integration of game mechanics into everyday work and business processes. Gamified recruiting is fun and engaging for job seekers and recruiters alike and is used by many global organizations to test the candidates’ problem-solving skills and hands-on experience.  

Whirlpool has been using cryptic puzzles on social media to engage with prospects and find the best hires. Google has also used gamification extensively to find skilled employees for various positions. 

In a gamified recruitment process, applicants go through a series of online games to demonstrate their skills and abilities. These games help companies quickly identify top candidates and assess their compatibility with specific job openings. 


Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience is another major aspect that many are paying close attention to. It’s no longer just about getting hired or not; it’s also about how they feel while they go through the hiring process.  

In fact, 69% of job seekers who had a negative experience would rarely or never apply again for the same company and would even share with others about it. This could impact the company’s reputation and can stand in the way of hiring skilled employees in the future. 

This is why candidate experience is paramount.  

Candidate experience is all about what companies can do to improve how they attract, hire and retain new talent. Therefore, making sure that your candidates have a good experience with your company is crucial to attracting top talent. This can be done by making sure that your recruiting team is prompt and responsive when interacting with candidates at every stage of recruitment. 

You can use communication tools like Loop’s messenger to keep candidates updated about the hiring process with instant text messages. Further, you can also ask for feedback about their experiences at the end of the process to understand where they can improve. 

This helps immensely to create a great impression of the organization — even among those who aren’t hired. 


AI for Virtual Screening Process 

The recruitment process is getting more digitized, with advanced technologies employed to speed up the process and increase the overall efficiency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technology adopted by organizations to get more from their recruitment process.  

AI is used to screen resumes and other information from candidates before they are even interviewed. AI-powered virtual screening can evaluate candidates on various parameters like skills, personality and experience, which helps recruiters to make informed hiring decisions. 

AI can also automate tasks such as identifying candidate profiles from thousands of applicants, thereby decreasing hiring costs. This also increases the productivity and efficiency levels of their recruiters. 


Internal Recruitment 

The increasing demand for talent has led more companies to hire more in-house recruiters. Companies are now looking to fill new vacancies with their existing employees who fit well with their company’s culture and goals. 

Most often, employees are promoted or moved to new positions within the organization with a salary hike. This has helped improve employee retention by 81% and accelerate new-hire productivity by 69%. 

It makes sense, therefore, that many companies are investing in internal recruiting practices to develop their current workforce. This helps not only with employee retention but also with employee engagement and loyalty. 


Recruitment has always been a dynamic field, but the last few years have seen some drastic changes. By staying abreast of these trends, recruiters can stay ahead of the competition and hire skilled employees to their organization. 

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