Text Recruiting: A Modern Way to Find Talent

Finding the right talent to fill your job positions can be a daunting task. But have you really been using all of your sources? At Loop Works, we are a big fan of mobile recruiting solutions. Why? Because we’ve seen it work. Today, people are responding very positively to text recruiting and we are excited to share an effective way to use it.

Promote Jobs Through Text

For all we know, your top candidates might be on their phones right now. Why not get the message right in front of them. Studies say that the average person will open a text message 5x more often than an email.

Take advantage of the resources available to get in touch and keep in close contact with your potential talent. When you use text recruiting to create opt-ins, applications, and an easy way to communicate, you open the door to more possibilities, pore potential, and more talent for your business.

Professional, Yet Personal

Text messaging is a tool that our society uses to keep in touch with close friends on a casual level. Introduce your candidates to the way your company works by using a comfortable, familiar way communication system. By using 2-way SMS messaging, people will more likely be drawn to your company’s purpose, culture, and innovation.

After showing your potential talent your own ways of embracing innovation and modern strategies, they will be more open to sharing their new ideas and will really bring new perspectives to the table.

Request a Free Text Recruiting Demo

If you are curious as to how your company can thrive through improved recruitment efforts, we have good news for you! You can give it a try without any obligation. Get ready to connect with the right people the right way. Sign up to receive a free demo and see for yourself.