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Connect With Candidates and Potential Applicants in Seconds

Maximize Your Opt-In Tools

A simple way to stay in contact with your candidates.

Are you ready to save time, money, and effort in your recruiting strategy? By creating a safe, effective opt-in feature for candidates, referrals, and potential applicants, you can always keep people in the loop. Through instant and regular communication, this increased trust and your reliability for the people you are connecting with.

Our opt-in system extends the option to join your tailored email list by asking them through a text message. This saves time and gives candidates a unique recruiting experience they will remember.

Text Message Recruiting For an Easier Hiring Process
Text Messaging & Recruitment Marketing

Immediately Engage With Talent

As you go through the recruiting process, there is a new way to find and attract new candidates. By using mobile integration with job alerts, candidate communications, and direct messaging, your chances to reach your applicants will increase.

Today, many people prefer a quick text message over a phone call. Don't limit your recruitment options. Find the people you need through user-friendly software and get the talent you need quickly.

Studies Show That Texts Are Read 5x More Than Emails

Are you ready to be heard?

The Loop Flow Private Messaging platform works with over 800 carriers around the world, giving your recruiting software the leverage you need to connect your candidates with the pertinent information, direct to their mobile device.

By using 2-way SMS messaging to communicate with candidates, potential applicants, and referrals, you will create a comfortable, convenient way to keep in touch with potential talent in a personal and effective way.

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