Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat

Contact Candidates Faster & Easier.

2-Way Messaging

Save time and money with simple communication.

Reach your candidates faster and in a more personal way through the most popular communication method. Text messages are read five times more than email on average, so why not use that to your advantage? Try a demo of our Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat today!

When a candidate is applying for multiple jobs, one way to determine the right position for them is how they feel about the culture of the company. When you message them and update them, they feel more comfortable and ready to join the team.

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Text Messaging & Recruitment Marketing
Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat Text Messaging

Customize Your SMS Settings

Incorporate as much or as little automation as you'd like in your messaging process. In our Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat, you can customize your messager settings, details, and preferences.

Our integrated system can handle large volumes of interactions and conversations easily. The more candidates you can quickly contact and get through the process, the faster you will find the perfect candidate and get back to focusing on progressing your business.

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And the best part is, you can give it a try for free! Contact our team today to request a demo to see if our recruiting system is right for your company.

Increase Productivity

Optimize your candidate experience for better recruiting results.

As you find yourself seeking out, interviewing, and communicating with candidates, you want to make the most of your hiring process.

Stop wasting precious company time and eliminate the black hold of candidate submissions by using a reliable, easy-to-track Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat system. Simple communication will reduce your overall hiring time and attract the right candidates to fill your positions.

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