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A Unique Candidate Experience

Here at Loop Works, we are creating the ultimate connection experience for your candidates. When you use our recruitment tool, you can give the right information to the right candidates within a matter of seconds.

As you explore this mobile and online strategy, help your applicants, referrals, and even potential applicants get the tailored experience they are looking for. Along with increased recruitment success, creating happy candidates ensures a rewarding experience for you as an employer.

Recruiter-to-Candidate Chat Text Messaging

Paperless Recruitment

Maximize your recruiting process.

Using our quick-click application system, take advantage of our recruiting software that is easy and fast. People today are not looking to waste their time going through unnecessary paperwork and seemingly pointless processes. Save yourself and your candidates time and effort through online and mobile applications.

By moving to a steady strategy, create a constant stream of interested and qualified applicants. You will see a difference in your workload as well as the type of talent you connect with.

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Stand-Alone Messaging Platform

Your new one-stop messaging system.

Improve candidate communications through as 2-way SMS chat where you can connect with any candidate instantly. Take advantage of the younger generation through an effective recruiting software designed for easy-to-use job alerts, email templates, and fast messaging between recruiters and applicants.

If you are looking to create meaningful relationships with your candidates before the interview, a simple messaging service made specifically for recruitment efforts is perfect for you and your business goals.

Text Messaging & Recruitment Marketing

Talent Relationship Management,

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