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Recruitment Software For Franchisees

What is Loop Link Franchise?

Meet the leading recruitment software for franchisees currently on the market. Loop Link Franchise is a centralized platform to help major and minor franchisees engage candidate relationships so that they can increase brand awareness in their specialized market. Promote more job opportunities, source candidates, engage immediately via text messaging and use a paperless application system for you and your candidate's convenience.

  • Determine best fit
  • Find productive hires
  • Improve overall engagement
  • Increase retention
  • Reduce your cost-per-hire

The people you hire are the key to your franchise success. Start making the right hires today!

Career Site
Build Your Own Career Site
Promote Your Jobs
Build Your Talent Community
Messaging Platform
Aplication Support
Quick-Click Apply
Web Design For Recruitment Software For Franchisees

Step 1: Create an Effective Website For Your Brand

Increase Awareness and Interest in Your Company's Location and Services

We'll help you design a professional career site for your business. Your website will be optimized across all device types and sizes.

Access numbers of brand and career site templates to get started fast and easy! Start recruiting in a matter of minutes.

Step 2: Promote Your Job Openings

Post your recent job opportunities directly to your business website and thousands of job boards instantly.

When you use our recruitment software for franchisees, you start a marketing system that sends relevant job alerts using text messaging and emails to potential candidates when new opportunities become available.

Recruitment Marketing: Up your recruiting strategy with a talent community registration page.
Recruitment Marketing: Make it easy for your candidates to apply for a job posiition with mobile recruiting software.

Step 3: Find Compatible Candidates

Keep in touch with promising candidates and give them a positive recruitment experience.

Next, you will create a registration page for candidates to sign up and keep in touch, making it easier for you to track your potential talent when other positions open.

We make the signup process simple and convenient for candidates so that you don't lose anyone.

Step 4: Communicate Via Text Message

Keep tabs on your candidates in a simple, effective way.

The majority of your potential candidates have their phones on them most of the day. Take advantage of the immediate communication of our mobile 2-way SMS chat. Connect your SMS system to your CRM to set up automated job alerts with simple-to-use templates.

One of the most important things to do when using our recruitment software for franchisees is to develop a relationship with your candidates. Give them a positive experience, and they will respond well to your offer.

Text Messaging Through the #1 Recruitment Software for Franchisees

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