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Interview Reminders

Don't ever miss an opportunity from a memory slip.

Our Loop Flow reminders create an efficient, stress-free way to make every appointment, and keep on task. We understand how important it is to start interviews on time to give a professional first impression. Add interview reminders to your text messaging recruitment today!

Schedule Automatic Reminders

Schedule how far in advance you'd like the reminder whether it's 24 hours before or on the day. With our text messaging recruitment, candidates can also notify you when they are running late or need to reschedule.

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Text Messaging & Recruitment Marketing

Application Status Updates

When it comes to applications and keeping candidates informed, we know it can be overwhelming the more applicants you have. Keep every candidate in the loop with simple-to-use application updates.

You can have our system notify applicants throughout the process. When you keep candidates regularly notified and up-to-date, then this will result in fewer phone calls and emails from applicants asking for an update on their application. Stop sending constant reminders and let us take care of that for you.

Employee Referrals

Save money and build trust with your employees.

A big part of the hiring process is employee referrals. Giving your employees the confidence that they can bring in qualified candidates will save you time and money in your recruitment process.

Our system is fast and efficient for 100% employee and candidate satisfaction. Maximize your text-messaging recruitment by using all of the various methods that are effective in job recruiting. You will build a closer, stronger team with less effort and less worry.

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