2018 Trends in Recruitment Marketing

The face of recruitment marketing today has drastically changed from what it was just 10 years ago. With more efficient marketing tools, social platforms, and mobile communication platforms at our fingertips, recruiting teams must continually evolve to keep up.So what are the keys to creating an impactful hiring process in 2018?  It has little to do with newspaper ads, job board lists, or cold calling. Building relationships, high-level marketing, and creating quality first impressions are all part of the 2018 recruiting experience.
Talent acquisition and recruiting is turning its focus to include passive job seekers. According to Linkedin, 70% of the global workforce for 2017 was made up of passive talent. As a recruiter, you need to attract this passive talent to your organization and engage with your brand. But how? This year’s recruitment marketing trends reveal what acquisition teams are turning to:

  • AI / Augmented Intelligence in Talent Acquisition
  • Using a TRM vs CRM for Candidate Tracking & Engagement
  • Focusing on a Marketing Strategy vs a Recruiting One
  • Using SMS / Texting as an Engagement Platform

AI / Augmented Intelligence

AI and chatbots are helping to bring the recruiting process out of the dark ages. Although many hiring managers believe that using AI will ‘taint’ the hiring process, in actuality the opposite is true. Effectively integrated artificial intelligence can personalize the candidate experience – digital assistants can track which candidates are recurring visitors, new applicants, and can filter data to determine what other roles they may be interested in.

However, just because an algorithm is ‘good’ doesn’t mean it is accurate. Testing and user feedback are key components that should be used when deploying new AI in the hiring process. According to Forbes, humans are actually inferior at choosing applicants. With the correct background, AI can make recruiting smarter, simpler, and easier for hiring managers.

Invest in a Recruitment Marketing (or CRM) Solution

A Recruitment Marketing or CRM system can help deepen relationships with candidates and drive overall retention with your employees. Built-in features, such as: career site, communication and job distribution can help organizations attract new candidates and maintain communication far beyond the initial hiring cycle.

Beyond simply tracking candidates, recruitment marketing solutions provide engagement tools that lay the foundation for a successful, impactful hiring process.

Utilizing Marketing Strategies in Recruiting

Building a database of interested candidate leads that you own and source from can be a challenging task. How do you ensure you reach not just active job seekers but passive ones as well? How do you effectively attract talent that will be a good fit for your organization?

Candidates are just like consumers. In 2018 they research a potential employer the same way they would research a new product, medical provider, or service-based company. Effective marketing matters more now than ever, and should dictate candidate interactions at every step – even before the application process.

Communicating the right message to the right talent network keeps leads warm and fosters interest in your organization. Data-driven marketing enhances every step of this communication and gives you a path to creating a stronger, more loyal candidate following.

Text Messaging as an Engagement Platform

Today, there are so many more methods of communication available beyond just a phone call or email. There’s no excuse to leave your applicants in the dark. By using texting and mobile platforms to reach your candidates, you can build a brand based on transparency, relevancy, and personalization.

Text messaging allows you to push tailored, relevant content directly to an applicant’s device of choice. Arguably, the mobile number is the most important number you should collect from your talent network. Using mobile communication as an effective marketing tool will increase your long-term results, fostering interest in passive job seekers for future application, referrals, and more.

Make Your Talent Recruitment Multi-Faceted

Creating a compelling candidate experience should be one of the key focuses for organizations in 2018. Taking advantage of these trends can show corporations how to engage with their audiences throughout the entire recruitment life-cycle.

Personalized, direct communication will allow you to target your choice network and engage both active and passive job seekers. Starting the foundation for building candidate relationships now will put you well on the path to a more impactful hiring process in 2018.