AI / Augmented Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

AI / Augmented Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

In order to evolve as a recruiter in 2018, hiring teams must enter the world of AI and augmented intelligence. As new technologies emerge, companies should evaluate the benefits of each and how these technologies can impact their organizational capacity.

AI is quickly changing the way that people work and how companies are interacting with potential candidates – mostly for the better. According to Jobvite, 43% of recruiters believe that automation will make their jobs better and easier. Recruiters can vet hundreds to thousands of applicants every month, a process that generates a huge amount of data. This data can be overwhelming, leading to errors in processing and candidates falling through the gap into the ATS or CRM ‘blackhole’.

With the addition of AI, identifying and sorting the best-matched candidates becomes much simpler. AI can intelligently match candidates with jobs based on submitted questions, online behavior, and more.

How Does AI Influence Talent Acquisition?

There are 3 main ways that AI and automation are being used in recruiting:

  1. Candidate Searching: AI can automate the candidate searching process by scraping resume databases.
  2. Candidate Rediscovery: Candidates who have applied to your company in the past may be good fits for current openings – AI can analyze the data to pull old applicants to the top.
  3. Candidate Outreach: Recruitment chatbots can use natural language processing to collect information from applicants, ask questions and provide answers, and even schedule interviews.

In all of these processes, AI and automation can reduce bias and provide clearer data leading to better matches. AI and chatbot assistants are extremely intuitive, and contrary to public opinion can actually provide a very natural and humanlike interaction.

AI Helps Recruiters Focus on Connectivity

Did you know that almost half of job applicants never hear back from an employer? What is this saying about the company? Ultimately, it disheartens candidates and negatively reflects back on the employer brand.

Using AI and automation throughout the sourcing and screening process can leave recruiters with more time to accomplish what is really important – communicating with prospective applicants. Overall this makes for a more fulfilling recruitment experience, and results in better quality hires for the employer.

In a survey of over 800 recruiters across the nation, Jobvite learned that most recruiters are confident that automation will improve their jobs and make processes more efficient. AI will help to automate tedious tasks and reduce overall time to hire. The best AI technology will utilize machine learning to produce ever-improving results over time, effectively increasing applicant engagement as well as more quickly matching best-fit candidates to job openings.

Throughout this constantly evolving space, hiring managers will find themselves with more time to actually engage with candidates and create relationships.

The Impact AI Will Have on Hiring Manager’s Jobs

Although roles will ultimately need to change to support the AI technology trend, automation will never replace entire jobs. More likely AI will take over specific recruiting activities, allowing room for better performance from current hiring managers and even supporting the creation of new jobs.

Human interaction and certain social skills will never be replaceable by AI, which is why most recruiters aren’t concerned about job loss. Automation is meant to free up recruiters to do more, produce more, and communicate more.

Every organization should take the time to analyze how AI will impact their internal capabilities and potentially impact their hiring process.

AI technology has a vast potential to enhance talent acquisition for temp roles. It can help make decisions on a large scale, such as who is the right bartender, busser, or waiter to fulfill a certain job at a certain time.

In addition, the potential of automation goes beyond candidate matching and temp or full-time role fulfillment. It enables managers to assess current employees for strengths such as turnaround, punctuality, and experience. Recruiters can personalize client placements with employees based on unique data sets gathered via an AI platform.

Engaging with the AI Solution

As companies continue to adopt automated solutions, they should analyze from an individual standpoint how to do so in the best way that builds trust and engagement within the business. Talent acquisition professionals should educate themselves on how AI software can improve their processes and get rid of routine tasks.

Loop Works supports configurable AI solutions that automate data collection and complex business processes. With a messaging platform integrated with over 800 mobile carriers, we empower employers to provide immediate job opening notifications to candidates, registration confirmations, and manage ongoing status management.

Overall, we help companies find best-match candidates and foster relationships, empowering hiring managers to truly find candidates that are the best fit for their needs.