Why Recruiters Should Think Like Marketers

The recruiting world is quickly changing. There are only so many active job seekers, and a multitude of employers looking for the best candidates. Recruiting managers need to start looking at not just active job seekers, but passive ones as well.

There is a huge untapped source of candidates within the passive job seeker pool. You need to make passive talent aware of your organization. But how?

Create a Marketing-Based Approach

In 2018 candidates are acting more and more like consumers. Before ever applying for a job, they research a potential employer just as they would a product they are interested in. At every step of interaction they are searching for relevancy, transparency, and personalization.  90% of job seekers mention that transparency is important in a potential employer.

For recruiting teams, this means that creating a strong employer brand is more important than ever. Managers must start thinking like marketers – nurturing candidate interest and engagement. Doing so creates stronger connections with both active and passive candidates, which can transform into more loyal employees and better matches for employers.

Taking a marketing approach attracts quality passive talent to your organization and engages them to opt into your talent network pipeline. Once they do, they become part of a targeted database of leads who want to engage with you.

Nurture Your Leads

What does it mean to nurture leads? It means communicating the right message to the right job seekers, and establishing a basis of ongoing communication and connections. Employers and hiring managers can reach out via marketing campaigns and career sites to establish a solid and warm talent network.

Creating this foundation of ongoing communication fosters candidate interest in your organization so that passive seekers may eventually apply for an open position. Talent networks play a key part in an employer’s marketing efforts as candidates have opted in to communication with you. Because of this you can establish connections with them at all of the upcoming stages of the hiring process.

Hiring teams and employers can use a number of ways to communicate with candidates that go far beyond just email. These can include:

  • Social Media
  • SMS
  • Email Campaigns
  • Job Ads
  • Career Sites

According to Glassdoor, 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search. 64% said they do further research on a potential employer online, and 37% said they will move to a different job offer if they cannot find information on the company.

This creates a very demanding environment for employers. In order to keep candidate interest, it is vastly important to establish connections and communication at every step possible.

Start a Dialogue

In all aspects, clear communication can prevent conflict and establish connections. This is more true than ever in the talent acquisition industry. Because potential candidates are demanding transparency from employers, it’s important to not just communicate but to also start a dialogue. As mentioned before, this dialogue needs to expand beyond just generic emails. Using multimedia tools to convey status, process, and developments at each stage of hiring creates an open atmosphere between employers and job seekers.

Using a talent management platform such as Loop provides hiring teams with an array of preconfigured messaging tools that enable candidate connections. The Loop Platform provides a complete mobile infrastructure for recruiting and employee engagement. Its key features include:

  • Mobile First career site elements based on modular design
  • Mobile First process tools for mobile applications, screening, candidate management and engagement
  • Secure 2-way messaging capability via shortcode or longcode on a global basis
  • A sophisticated CRM portal purpose-built for Talent Acquisition and Management, enabling mobile-first communication to candidate and employees.

If you would like to schedule a free demo to find out how Loop can help you bring your recruiting process into 2018, please give us a call:

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