Is Your Recruitment Strategy Really Up to Date?

Are you tired of spending weeks trying to find, contact, and engage with talent only to find that they lose interest or are not the right fit? That is a lot of wasted time and resources. Have you ever thought about updating your recruitment strategy? At Loop Works, we are passionate about optimizing the recruiting process and sharing our discoveries with recruiters around the world.

Modernizing Through Effective Technology

As you go through the recruitment process, take a look at how you are getting in contact with people. Are you still using the classic phone and email communications that have been used for years? What about the newer generations who prefer messaging for the sake of time and convenience?

It’s time to take advantage of every recruitment strategy out there to not only stay in contact with potential talent but to keep in meaningful contact. Let us share a few ideas we have to up your recruitment strategy in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Job Promoting
As you are trying to find the perfect candidate for your job position, it is crucial to get your name out there in the right ways to the right people. A large portion of the population depends on their mobile devices for communication, information, and entertainment. As a recruiter, utilizing the mobile device can be incredibly useful when trying to get in contact with potential candidates.

Instant Candidate Communication
Use SMS messaging to create meaningful connections with potential talent. Keep them interested and keep in contact through a familiar platform that provides convenience for most candidates.

Request a Free Recruitment Strategy Demo

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