Finding Talent Faster With Text Message Recruiting

Is it time to try a new recruiting method? Something that saves you time and money during the hiring process? Text message recruiting is booming in today’s society.

Because texting is fast and convenient, people look at their text messages five times more than their email! That’s something to consider when trying to find talent to join your team.

Interview Reminders

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is the interview. Putting a face and personality with a resume is crucial to know that your candidate is right for your company.

What if we told you that scheduling and remembering interviews were a piece of cake? With Loop Flow Reminders, you will never miss an interview again! Set how far in advance you’d like to be reminded based on your preference.

Application Status Updates

Do you get countless phone calls and emails from potential candidates asking how the hiring process is going? Start saving time by sending automatic text messages throughout the process to every candidate. Our system will notify them when their application was received, when it is being reviewed, and whether or not an interview is in the future.

Keeping applicants informed will also build your credibility and reliability as a business. When you keep in personal contact with a candidate, it makes them feel important and respected. Use text message recruiting to help candidates want to work for you and improve potential candidate experience!

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