How to Build a Recruitment Marketing Process that Brings You Quality Candidates

6 Top Tips For a Successful Recruitment Marketing Process

1. Make Use of Social Media

Tapping into your company’s social media network is a great way to spread the word about any job opportunities within your organization… Even if the people you reach aren’t necessarily interested in a specific role, chances are they may know someone who will be. Be sure to keep your company’s social pages up to date and share content, photos, and videos that will attract potential job seekers to your company’s unique culture.

2. Start an Employee Referral Program

Incentivizing your team to refer candidates is a great way to receive qualified job seekers. Your team members have more than likely worked with some great people in the past, and know which former colleagues might make for a great addition to your company’s workforce. 

3. Spend Time Creating Impressive Job Descriptions

Creating a compelling and interesting job description is paramount when it comes to attracting the right kind of candidate. When writing an attention-grabbing job spec to be sure to include a very specific job title, a captivating introduction, plus all the essentials such as job responsibilities, day-to-day tasks and the key personality traits your company is after.

4. Take Advantage of a Text Messaging Platform

Companies such as Loop, a mobile recruitment platform, provide a way for companies to engage with their candidates using their mobile devices. Text recruiting software ensures your candidates are always kept in the loop and delivered a quality experience with your brand through automated job notifications, interview reminders, and application status updates, did you know people are five times more likely to read their text messages than email? So creating instant candidate connections through direct recruiter-to-candidate chat functionality through text messages should be considered when trying to find talent to join your team, don’t you think?

5. Make Use of Recruitment Marketing Software 

Recruitment marketing software can help companies build the top end of their sourcing funnel while driving efficiencies throughout your recruitment teams with the automation of your business processes such as prescreening, selection, interview scheduling, and candidate feedback.  By utilizing recruitment marketing software, companies can greatly improve channels of communication, keeping candidates in the loop as they move through the process.  By leveraging email and text messaging campaigns, recruiters can communicate to relevant candidates and track the effectiveness of their communication through snapshot reporting to show open, read and click through rates.  Leveraging. recruitment marketing software can increase the efficiency and speed of the overall hiring process.

6. Create a Company Career Site

A mobile-friendly, branded career site is a great way to increase awareness and interest. A career site that conveys your company’s work culture through content, images, and videos will not only make it easier for candidates to apply for roles but will also attract top talent too.

Don’t let the size of your talent funnel overwhelm you.  Now that we’ve shared the above 6 steps to help your company build an effective recruitment marketing process, you can take the first steps to building out and qualifying your talent pools.  By leveraging the recruitment marketing technology, the overall hiring process will eventually become less time-consuming and will result in more successful candidate placements.