Making Things Easy With Text Messaging

The hiring process is changing! It’s an exciting time to experiment and try new methods to find the perfect talent for your company. Discovering which candidates fit well with your business goals as well as the culture of your business can take time; however, with text messaging, you can connect and screen candidates faster and better than ever.

Connect with 2-Way Messaging

As a manager or employer, you want to start every professional relationship on a good note. Giving your candidates more personal communication with their potential employer will give them a more satisfying experience.

Text messaging creates a simple, fast way to connect recruiters and candidates, eliminates the frustrating wait times, the unknown deadlines, and the suspense of hiring.

Stay transparent and personal with your candidates to show them respect and care for their efforts.

Create Captivating Campaigns

Reach multiple candidates at once with text messaging campaigns. You can use as much or as little automation as you feel fit your hiring goals. Create drip campaigns to allow for automated, cadenced communication to your candidates — nurturing them throughout the hiring life-cycle and creating communication efficiencies for your recruitment teams. 

This strategy is especially helpful at the beginning of your search. The more candidates you can quickly contact and get through the process, the faster you will find the perfect candidate and get back to focusing on progressing your business.

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