GDPR: Does your hiring meet the requirements? 

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, has been in effect for a couple of years now, and businesses within the European Union have had to abide by rules and regulations outlined in it since the official start date in May of 2018. The GDPR was designed to update the previous Data Protection Directive, requiring businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU residents. This act also regulates the exportation of personal data outside of the EU.  

The goal of GDPR is to unify data security and privacy approaches with a set of very high standards that caused many companies to invest time and money to make sure they’re meeting these requirements. Each employer is responsible for maintaining compliance with GDPR, even using third-party vendors. How can partnering with Loop improve your GDPR compliance within hiring practices? 

Incorporate a Fully Compliant Consent Management Process  

Regulatory requirements for recruiting and communications are held to the same standards of GDPR. Companies that don’t get explicit consent upfront to communicate with potential candidates could face severe penalties in the form of expensive fines for every offense.  

Loop’s Consent Manager makes it possible for companies to incorporate a fully compliant consent management process into their existing HRIS. A simple consent gathering process works with SMS messages and our messaging platforms, gathering the phone number of your candidate or employee while also maintaining an audited record of their consent. Accurate record-keeping of sensitive information allows your hiring teams to stay in compliance with the regulations set forth by GDPR.  

Allow Employees to Maintain Communication Preferences  

Another way to ensure your company abides by the guidelines set out by GDPR is with a secure consent management page. Your hiring team can send a link to potential candidates during the hiring process and use the same link to maintain up-to-date consent preferences for current employees to manage the channels through which they would like to continue to communicate with you.  

Create Recruitment Forms Designed to Capture and Store Secure Data  

Gather all your candidates’ information in one place and keep track of important information with a recruitment form builder solution designed to capture and store data. Your hiring teams can build forms quickly with template-based designs that are easy to create using customizable questions and fields. Once you complete the forms, add them easily into your current career site framework. The forms will prompt applicants to fill them out through campaigns, streamlining the data capturing process and keeping you compliant with GDPR standards and regulations.  

Incorporating a candidate experience that is both compelling and fully compliant with GDPR and other regulations and restrictions worldwide will continue to be a focus for organizations in 2022. Personalized, direct communication will allow you to target job seekers looking for new opportunities as we head into the new year and beyond.  



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