Talent is Mobile. Can you keep up?

Given that consumers are becoming more reliant on mobile devices for everyday content consumption (Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey), there are several implications for the mobile recruitment space; namely: corporations need to adapt to this emerging marketing or risk being left behind.

The majority of the chatter in the space is regarding having an optimized mobile career site – a (seemingly) obvious and necessary solution, given that 91% of U.S. citizens have their device, within reach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Morgan Stanley). Yet simply having a mobile website would only be focusing on one aspect of what should be a multi-faceted approach.

Corporations should be focusing in on how to engage with their mobile audience through the entire recruitment life-cycle and how they position themselves to create a compelling candidate experience.

Here are a few tips on how you can keep up:

1. Mobilize the Full Life-Cycle of the Recruitment Process

Provide your candidates with the ability to connect, interact and receive relevant content from your brand throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. This includes, but it not limited to, giving your candidates the ability to:

  1. Search dynamically for jobs
  2. Save those searches
  3. Opt-in to receive text job alerts on saved searches
  4. Continually update their job and/or communication preferences
  5. Complete the application process
  6. Share job listings via Social Media
  7. Register for the Talent Community

2. Opt-in your Candidates

Much like we had to move from the database of fax numbers to collect a catalog of email addresses, now is the time to begin collecting mobile numbers from your talent community. The mobile number is arguably the most important number you should be collecting from your candidate base.

Within 15 minutes of sending a text campaign, over 95% of your subscribers will have read the message (MotoMessage). A staggering statistic that is difficult to ignore. This is not to suggest text will replace email as a primary form of communication — much like email replaced fax, rendering it virtually useless (poor fax) — it simply illustrates that it makes sense to leverage an additional communication channel whereby you can double-down on your automated email alerts and reach a candidate direct on their personal, mobile device.

3. Maintain Personal & Direct Communication

Allow your candidates to register their preferences and store those preferences against their mobile number. This will allow for targeted job marketing and communication to be sent direct to their mobile device.
Are your candidates on a smartphone or a “dumbphone,” (flip phone, not web-enabled, etc)? While 65% of the US market has been penetrated by smartphone adoption, there is still 35% of the market out there who cannot take advantage of your shiny, new, responsive design mobile site. By implementing a software that can recognize the type of a device a candidate is coming from and render the experience to that specific device is, you can provide a compelling and seamless mobile experience ensuring your candidates to not get frustrated and abandon the recruitment process ship.

To learn more about Loop, visit our website at www.loopworks.com or text the word “DEMO” to 90206.

Megan Colins is the current Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Loop. 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/meganacolins/

Twitter: @Meg_Colins

Email: megan.colins@loopworks.com

Megan Colins

Megan is the current Chief Marketing & Business Development at Loop, a technology firm providing a complete end-to-end recruitment marketing platform for clients across North America, Europe and APAC.

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