Three Reasons to Add Recruitment Automation to Your Hiring Process

Nearly 3 in 4 organizations suffer from slow hiring due to a lack of automation. This number transcends company size, ultimately affecting organizations both large and small as it relates to attracting and hiring top talent.

What’s more, a long hiring process translates into poor candidate experiences, burned-out recruiters and hiring teams and missed opportunities to find new employees.

With the help of recruiting automation, organizations can shorten their time-to-hire using technology to streamline recruitment processes from start to finish. Use a platform that can use pre-set “triggers,” or specific data points, such as sharing a new job position, scheduling meetings with interviewers, or generating an offer letter once you’ve found the perfect candidate.

Here are three reasons to streamline your hiring practices with the help of recruitment automation.

Saves Your Recruiters’ Time

On any given day, recruiters must perform a variety of manual tasks that eat up their work schedule. These include creating content to increase brand awareness, sourcing candidates, or coordinating interview times across multiple team members.

When you’re dealing with a high volume of applicants, these tasks don’t take long to overwhelm your team, which can lead to costly mistakes or employee burnout.

By automating tasks in your hiring processes, such as building automated workflows, prescreening processes based on job types or locations, and creating drip campaigns for bulk communications, your hiring team can alleviate repetitive tasks, allowing them to shift their focus on more things that matter, like face-to-face interviews with candidates.

Better Candidate Experience

What’s a surefire way to provide better experiences for your candidates? With seamless steps and a top-notch hiring process. Recruitment automation allows your organization to separate itself from the others in your industry, leveling up your chances of increasing your talent pool and finding the perfect candidate to fill your roles.

Building a workflow that will automatically communicate with candidates via their preferred communication channel is a good first step to ensure those candidates interested in working for you remain interested and engaged throughout the hiring process.

Shorter Time-to-Hire

Once your recruiters can take back some of their workday as a result of creating automated systems in your hiring practices, the interview cycle time for your open positions will shrink as well. This saves your organization time and also lowers cost-per-hire.

With employee burnout at an all-time high due to the lingering effects of the global pandemic, automation allows your teams to focus on what really matters – finding the best candidates who will add value and help grow your organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how automation can help your company efficiently grow and scale, get in touch or request a demo. We look forward to helping you solve your biggest recruitment challenges so that you can get back to building your brand, promoting your positions, and filling your jobs.


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