Best Practices to Fully Engage with Your Talent Community 

The average time it takes for someone to respond to an email message is 90 minutes. The average response time for text messages? 90 seconds.   When it comes to keeping your talent community fully engaged, the difference between these two numbers is a perfect example that illustrates why companies are shifting their focus towards mobile…

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Five Features to Make High-Volume Hiring Work

Managing high-volume hiring can be hard, especially if you’re new to it. It takes a well-planned hiring process to keep everything running smoothly, from job postings to onboarding new hires. For many companies, it’s not always as streamlined as it could be, even with the help of technological solutions designed to create a maximum positive…

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How to Effectively Communicate With Employees


Communicating with employees is not always easy, but transparency is necessary in creating a healthy company culture. This is why it is so important to find the most effective way to communicate with your employees. Good employee communication will ensure management and workers are on the same page, help employees to feel valued, and make…

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Best Practices For Texting with Candidates


As you read this, where is your cell phone? Perhaps you’re reading this blog post on your phone, or maybe sitting at your computer? Either way, we’re pretty sure your phone is close by. Did you know the average person checks their phone around 150 times a day? A communication channel right in the palm…

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Candidate Engagement Best Practices


Did you know that, on average, the best candidates are on the market for just 10 days? However, it takes around 24 days to hire someone. This is just one of the reasons why it’s essential to keep candidates engaged throughout the duration of the hiring process and beyond. A company’s initial (and on-going) engagement…

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